About us

We are a team of Respiratory Therapists with a strong desire to keep our patients well in the comforts of their own homes. 50 PSi consist of a team of qualified Respiratory Therapists with special interest in Neonatal, Pediatric, and Adult services. While looking at our Pediatric community and their needs, we realized there is a great need in the Adult community for Respiratory Care Management and Education, as a result we developed 50 Pulmonary Systems Integrated.

We wanted to do what everyone else was afraid to do, care for clients in their comforts of home. We wanted to provide services that would keep our patients well, a service that would allow us to be the liaison between medical professionals and our clients. When our patients were leaving the hospital with trachs and respiratory illnesses, some were returning to the Emergency Department. We recognized the need to provide a service that would lower costs, alleviate stress, and keep our patients well and their illness manageable.

At 50 PSi, our main focus is assessments and patient care management. We want to be an integral part of the team, working with other healthcare professionals to empower wellness at home. Who better to provide Respiratory Services than the team member that specializes in Respiratory illnesses, Respiratory Therapist. We want to manage and care for the illnesses that we continue to study and have special interest. Allow 50 PSi, a customer focused company, to bring an added quality to your programs through our patient assessments, comprehensible training and education.